Don’t Be Afraid Anymore to Speak in Public

shocking truths public speaking

When a person has to speak it public it is not uncommon for them to have a feeling of fear and anxiety. It has been said that people are more afraid of speaking in public than dying. The term glossophobia is used to describe a fear of speaking in public and it is still the number one fear among many people. There are some shocking truths about public speaking that many people will be surprised to know. 

Public Speaking Statistics 

 According to recent surveys 75 percent of people are afraid of speaking in public. This includes the social and talkative extroverts. Men and women are equally afraid to speak in public. There is no difference between genders when it comes to their fear of public speaking. Men are more likely to see help for their anxiety about speaking in public than women. 

Public Speaking and the Workplace 

 If a person is afraid of public speaking and do not want to speak out at presentations they can see a negative effect on their wages. People that are afraid to speak in public make 10 percent less than people that just get up and speak.

Presentations are very important and there are many career fields where a person is going to have to speak in front of others. Even if it is a group of coworkers if a person is afraid to speak they will make less money. In addition to making less money at work a person can be passed up for a promotion as well. 

Tips for Speaking in Public 

 Even if a person is afraid of speaking in public there are some tips to help with the process. It is important to have a good opening line and get the attention of the audience right away. If people get a feeling that the presentation is going to be good and interesting they will pay attention right away. In some cases it is not always the topic that a person is speaking about but rather how they present it to determine if the presentation is going to be a success.

People in the audience also pay attention to tone of voice as well as body language. People pay attention to both verbal and non verbal communication. Many experts say that it is not always the words that the people are saying but rather how they are saying it and presenting their information. If a person comes across as likeable they can win the audience over. 

 These are some of the surprising facts about public speaking. When it comes to speaking in front of people for so reason so many people become fearful. Public speaking can cause anxiety levels to rise and a person can dread their presentation for days to come.

People in all different fields are going to need to speak in public at one point in their career. If a person can calm their fears and focus on their presentation they will not have a problem speaking in front of others. 

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