Energy Sources of the Future – How Will We Power Our Homes

energy future

In current times, we primarily use electricity as our energy source for many home appliances. This power comes mainly from power stations that burn gas and coal to produce that electricity. The same goes for personal home electricity sources such as portable generators, which rely on mainly on gasoline. When it comes to our vehicles we also burn petrol that is produced from oil. It is a well known fact that burning fossil fuels releases CO2 into the atmosphere, which is the cause of global warming. If this trend persists, the world’s coal reserves will get depleted in roughly two hundred years, the natural gas reserves will get depleted in 60 years, while the world’s oil reserves will deplete in 40 years. With an increasing world population, our current energy demands increase while our energy sources diminish.

However, there is a solution for our future energy demands; natural energy sources. These are inclusive of sun, wind, water, wood fuel, sea power, and geothermal heat. These natural energy sources cannot be depleted. As an additional advantage, they are a clean source of energy since they produce minimal greenhouse gases in the endeavor to produce electricity.

In terms of portable energy sources, choosing a piece of equipment calls in several variables. For example, if that piece of equipment is a portable generator or some other power supply unit, variables will include, size, noise, output, endurance, among other factors. However, most variables will get defined based on that equipment’s application, hence, simplifying your choice. At this point, we would like to discuss some of the most promising energy sources of the future.

The very first is Biomass Energy. Crops such as wheat are fermentable and can produce ethanol which is then burnt to generate electricity or otherwise used to propel vehicles. Ethanol and biodiesel are already used as fuels in some new motor vehicle versions. The advantage of these types of fuel is that they are carbon-neutral; meaning that the carbon dioxide that is emitted is in perfect balance with the carbon dioxide that plants use.

Another promising energy source of the future is Hydroelectric Energy. Hydroelectric power is produced from flowing water. Flowing water can be found in the form of rivers or otherwise manmade structures such as dams. This source of energy is also clean since it does not generate any carbon dioxide and because it uses no fuel resources, it is impossible to deplete. Additionally, it also meets peak energy demands because of its capacity for flow regulation.

Also, there is Nuclear Energy that produces a quarter of the UK’s electricity as we speak. Nuclear energy uses Uranium as its fuel in the production of electricity. Nuclear power plants only need require to be refueled once in every two years, hence, they do not depend on conventional fuel sources to stay operational. They also produce a minimal amount of carbon dioxide; therefore, they do not contribute to the global warming phenomenon. There have been very few accidents, but in the event of one, the outcome could be adverse because of nuclear waste which is extremely hazardous. This is the only potential disadvantage of this form of energy.

Another source of our future energy demands is Wind Power. Wind power uses propellers, known as turbines to capture wind and propel them for the purpose of generating electricity. This is one of the safest forms of renewable energy with zero carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, these turbines can be built on a small scale that can be used as a portable energy source as long as they are positioned in an open and windy area.

Finally, there is the more common Solar Energy. The solar cells on solar panels convert sunlight into energy. This is a non-depletable and safe energy source since it produces no amount of carbon dioxide and, therefore, does not contribute to global warming.

The above mentioned are the most promising sources of energy for the future. These sources of energy cause our planet minimal to no harm and if implemented immediately can slow down the depletion of the world’s natural energy resources and keep our world healthy at the same time.

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