5 Laptops with Best Screens in 2017

best screen laptops 2017

If you are looking for the best laptops that are available with amazing screens, then you need to read on. As we have made the identification of your dream laptop, just a little bit easier. When we start thinking of the perfect screen size for a laptop, look for a screen that is around 11-inch to 17-inch. A bigger screen is advisable if you are a gamer, or if you are looking to replace an old PC with a good laptop to use in your home. With a bigger screen, you will benefit from the keyboard, a bigger screen and not forgetting the track pad. As a result, let us look at the laptops with best screens.

1. Aorus X3 Plus

The Aorus X3 Plus is a very good portable game station. It is able to provide you very fast frame rates, having modern games that have high details settings. The laptop has a high-resolution screen. When it works, you will be reward with a pin-sharp image. You will need to remember; when it comes to gaming, there is little need to exceed the 1920 to 2560 screen pixel widths. It should prove to be very popular with the windows gamers who are looking to combine portability and performance.

2. 13-inch MacBook Pro

It is undoubtedly the best laptop you can find, having a very attractive aluminium uni-body. It is a 13.3-inch with 1,600 by 2560 IPS screen making it an exceptional machine. It is able to offer you a very accurate and punchy colour having deep blacks. Additionally, it has a 2.7 GHZ dual core  i5 processor able to power the entry level model and deliver a super slick performance. If you enjoy a lot of photos and video editing, then you will definitely enjoy the extra power that is on offer in the laptop.

3. Gigabyte P37X

The laptop has been built to ensure your gaming speed is amazing. It is based on a large 17-inch chassis display, which is in a thinner than the traditional case. Additionally, the laptop has the best single chip graphics any processor currently has in the market. What this simply means, the laptop is able to play any game that you would want, and this is up to the highest rendering quality.

4. Asus Transformer Book Chi T300

The laptop is a great hybrid, having a superb high DPI display and an attractive design. Moreover, a hybrid that is able to perform well as both a laptop and a tablet. If you are looking for an affordable and not forgetting flexible alternative then this laptop is worth your consideration. It has a 12.5-inch screen; it displays 2,560 by 1440 with an Intel core M-5Y71 that only weighs 1.43 kilograms.

5. Dell XPS 13

It has a razor-thin bezel, with a 13-inch display into the 11-inch chassis. As a result, this makes it one of the most compact ultraportable laptops that you will find. The laptop only weighs 2.7 pounds that is able to deliver fast performance; it is all thanks to the Intel core processor 6th generation and not forgetting the SSD. The non-touch version of the laptop lasted around 12 hours giving you the needed endurance.

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