How To Buy the Best Monitor 2019

best monitors

A monitor is a very important display unit. We spend times in front of our computers doing a lot of activities. But without a monitor, we may not be able to view what we are doing. Monitors come in different sizes and colors. They have distinct features that differentiate one from another. There are certain considerations that you need to make when you want to buy the best monitor. We therefore present you with a brief guide that will enable you to buy the best monitor.


This depends on the tasks that you are doing. Some people do basic computing which involves sending emails, chatting on social media and many more. Others perform complex activities like video editing, web design, video conferencing and many more. It is recommended that you choose a monitor with high level of performance so that it gives you the best display even when you are doing advanced computing. You should therefore choose one with bigger screen size as opposed to a small one.


If you are a photographer, video editor, graphic designer or any other professional in the field of multi-media, you will need the best monitor that is specially designed for creation of content. Such a monitor should have a Full HD resolution or a Quad HD. This will give you a display of crystal clear highly detailed images and videos. The monitor should also be large in size to give enough display space for your graphics.

You are also advised to choose an IPS panel because it has deep black and accurate colors as well as wide viewing angles. If for instance you are editing a movie or documentary, the best monitor for you is one with a response time of 5ms or less. This helps to minimize motion blur as well as ghosting, that is, a faint trail that is usually left on the screen from previous images. In addition, you should consider buying a monitor which comes with an adjustable stand or one with a dual-display mount. This will enable you have an easier and comfortable viewing.


A multi-purpose monitor will enable you to do lots of activities. It will provide you with high quality display and excellent performance for activities like streaming videos, video conferencing, creating spreadsheets and many more. Consider buying a LED or IPS monitor with full HD resolution. They are the best monitors for multi-purpose use.


Sometimes you may feel tired after your normal activities on the computer. You may therefore want to break that monotony by participating in games. You should therefore choose the best monitor which is also suitable for gaming.

As a gamer, you will need to buy a monitor which can keep up with the speed and intensity of the present day games. You are therefore recommended to buy one with features such as Full HD resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, response time of at least 5ms and a horizontal angle of viewing that is at least 178 degrees.

In conclusion, it is quite evident that the best monitor largely depends on your activities as well as its features. You should therefore use the above guide on how to buy the best monitor so that you can buy a monitor that will excellently serve your needs.

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