Monitors vs Projectors – Which Is the Better Gamer’s Choice?

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Gaming is one of the most popular leisure activities you will find people indulging in and just like many other leisure activities, people will always go an extra to invest in gaming for the best experience. There are the people who are always up to date with the latest gaming trends and even save up to ensure that they purchase the latest releases by gaming companies.

The twenty first century has also seen the popularization of gaming by having online gaming options where friends can play the games from different locations and also check out high scores from others all over the world. An area of particular interest with gaming however is the quality of the experience with the gaming devices. Gaming is all about graphics and response time.

Any device that meets these two requirements will often be labeled a favorite for gamers. This therefore creates particular interest with which options exist as the display and user interface. Monitors and TV screens have been more popular in the past few years, but there has been gradual utilization of projectors for the same purpose.

There are some several clear cut differences among them which if well considered may form the basis of some gamers being inclined to use one as preferred to the other. Some of the factors that would be considered are:


Gamers will tend to prefer larger displays units as compared to smaller display units. Size creates the difference in the realism of the gaming. Based on this fact, many people will prefer to settle on projectors as opposed to the use of monitors. Projectors basically provide a greater display and not unless one owns one of those large giant monitors, a projector will do somebody more service when it comes to size.

Graphics and resolution

The clarity of the gaming characters and text will often influence the choice made by the gamers. Companies manufacturing screens have made noticeable effort in having resolution being on the frontline of the things they consider for the competency of their products. Most monitors will have a very high resolution and clarity based on the latest 4K resolution technology. Projector technology comes in three types: Digital Light Processing (DLP), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) . The LCOS technology comes with the 4k resolution and is the hybrid of the DLP and LCD technologies. To obtain an LCOS projector you will have to part with a fairly large amount of money. Basically on the basis of resolution, monitors will provide the best experience to gamers.

Input lag

This is one of the few struggles that monitor and projector users have to put up with on a daily basis. Basically, input lag is all about the delay in the response to commands given by gamers. A revelation from the gamers shows that one will experience more input lag with projectors as opposed to monitors. This may arise from the fact that monitor manufacturing companies put more effort as compared to projector manufacturing companies due to the very stiff competition in the market.


The readily available and cheap projectors will often produce noise with the fans put in place to reduce overheating. The well off gamers who can afford the larger and more expensive projectors which offer a solution to the noise are the only ones who can get safe with the noise. For the monitors, gamers do not experience any sort of noise during the gaming.

Cost of maintenance

Unless one is quite careless in handling a monitor, it will require no maintenance cost all through the year. This is not the case with projectors where it is necessary to change the lamp every year to maintain the quality of the experience.

Based on the above factors, it goes without saying that the monitor would be the better gaming option for the same amount of money invested towards the purchase of either a projector or monitor.

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