Top 5 Gaming Monitors in 2019

best monitors 2019

As a gamer, you clearly know when it comes to your gaming session, the display of your monitor matters in making the experience a little bit more interesting. Therefore, getting a good gaming monitor should be your first priority. A good gaming monitor will be able to provide you with enough brightness and colour, allowing you to immerse in your favourite titles. At the same time, the monitor is smooth and is responsive enough to ensure that you are always playing at your best.

Some displays on the monitor are optimized for specific genres and console gaming. Additionally, there are portable displays that will allow you to play anywhere, ensuring you do not miss any time from your gaming sessions. We have selected some of the best gaming monitors for you to make your selection process much easier.

1. BENQ XL2420G

Most individuals have considered the Benq XL2420G as the best overall gaming monitor; this is in terms of its sheer visibility. The monitor is a 24-inch with a dual engine monitor that is able to deliver an extra smooth performance in the G-Sync mode. It is able to sport a classic mode. The mode will help you tweak every parameter of the monitor to display your heart’s content. The picture quality on this monitor is impeccable as you are able to monitor your enemies while they are miles away. Additionally, it has a super flexible design and a remote control that makes adjusting the monitor very easy.

2. ACER B286HK

The monitor has an ultra high definition resolution that will not cause you to break your bank. It has a full 4K resolution, an intuitive menu, gorgeous colours and a very fast refresh rate. Let us not forget, the monitor is able to display all the genres of games that have incredible fluidity. If you have a lot of content, then you can take advantage of the vertical orientation or the picture-in position.

3. ASUS MG278Q

The MG278q is among the most impressive premium gaming monitors, as it boast of very vibrant colours with high flexibility design, which can be adjusted to fit any setup design you require. Additionally, it has a fast response time and is able to support free sync; this is for shutter free gaming while using the AMD graphics card. The monitor also has a Game Plus overlay that is able to allow you to add a few extra visual clues for your gaming. The visual clues include the timers or even crosshairs, which will help you in staying on top of your game.

4. BENQ RL2455HM

The monitor has been considered as the best monitor under $200, so who said you have to compromise for performance. The RL2455HM is an affordable 24-inch having 1080P display. The display is sharp enough for you to do your game justice, and let us not forget about the response time, which is able to make you dominate in every competitive play.


GAEMS is the solution you have been waiting for, as they truly understand travelling with a game consoles is not easy. The monitor has a unique hard carrying case for the Xbox and PlayStation systems. It comes complete with its own 720p, 19-inch monitor. The case of the monitor is spacious and durable but just a little heavy, but for sure, your system will be safe. The look of the monitor is very decent, and they have ensured the setup to be very simple for you because all you need to do is plug in everything.

The top five best monitors that have been identified are available in the market, just to make your gaming experience that more captivating.

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