Top 5 Luxury Jewellery Brands in 2018

luxurious jewellery

If you are a very choosy individual and want to have the best jewellery for your collection, then you need to be prepared to pay a good price for it. Some of the leading brands that are available in the market, offer you nothing short of superior brand jewellery. Of course, all this exclusivity is at a price that might seem quite expensive for most. Below is a list of the best luxury jewellery brands that are a little high on the range, this is owing to its complete aura. Having an amazing jewellery accompanied by an exquisite hint of perfume is essential to every woman’s life.

Harry Winston

If you are into the detail of diamonds in your jewellery, then Harry Winston has all this covered for you. It has topped the list as a grandiose and classic diamond jewellery. The brand is the most exquisite choice by most women. The American jewellery is well known in acquiring the Hope Diamond, which is accompanied by a blue rock. It is a dark blue rock that was among the largest found to carry a very long storied history, which stretches back centuries.


The first manufacturing that was made of the Cartier is the most expensive jewellery brand that you can find on this earth. A French company that was established in the year 1874. The brand has been registered to provide the royalties and celebrities the most exclusive jewellery that was ever made around. Their items have impeccable artistry, quality, style, and excellence, which has been able to attract customers since the year 1874. The signature of this brand is the panther, which was ordered by the Duchess of Windsor.

Van Cleef and Arpels

It is the first luxurious French company; a company that is inspired by the spontaneity nature has, leading to most of the creations being ornamented with animals, flowers and fairies. It is well known as the brand of grace and elegance. The company continues to push their creative boundaries with the various ingenious designs they produce. If you pay close attention, you will be able to notice that each jewellery they produce tells a story. With its continued excellence, it has led notable icons to wear their exquisite items.


The brand is world renowned due to the good quality of its Italian gold. The designers are also known for the magical touch they have, as they are able to give each jewellery they create a fabric effect. Two goldsmiths Gianmaria and Mario established the company in the year 1919. Since then, the brand has been able to stand true to its original heritage and the distinguished Roman style they use. The company mainly focuses in the creation of watches, and then naturally, the jewellery they create just turns out to be impeccable.

Tiffany and Co

The company has been known as a household name, this is since the year 1837. Since then, it has been selling nothing short of versatile classics to its loyal customers. Their creations are slightly whimsical, but they are definitely feminine and only portray elegance. Their items are ideal to be worn during a formal occasion or daytime, to ensure you flaunt the uniqueness.

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