December 13, 2005

Speak Up!

Please customize these letters -- add your thoughts and your experiences to make a more effective statement.

Remind them that you are out there, and that you're important.

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Please deny indecency complaint against NCIS

The Parents Television Council has filed a complaint against the Washington, DC, CBS affiliate WUSA. The PTC alleges that "a gruesome murder and blatant sexual content" contained in an episode of the CBS program NCIS violated contemporary community standards of decency.

Tell the FCC that the complaint was frivolous and ask them to deny it.

Fox's 'Inside' NOT INDECENT

The Parents Television Council is complaining about "implied" ickiness on Fox's The Inside.

Tell the FCC that Brent Bozell is full of it.

Live 8 Broadcast NOT INDECENT

The Parents Television Council is asking the FCC to levy its maximum fines against ABC and its affiliates. Why? Because of a single F-word that slipped through the cracks during a musical performance at the Live 8 concert.

The FCC has denied complaints like this before. Tell them not to cave to PTC pressure, and to deny this one as well.

Chief Monteith: The PTC Does Not Speak for Me

The FCC has a new Chief of Enforcement, Kris Monteith.

Ask Chief Monteith to protect free speech, oppose government censorship, and to stand firm against the political demands of groups like the Parents Television Council.

Remind Chief Monteith that the PTC does not speak for you.