February 13, 2006

ABC: “Welcome to the Neighborhood” Cancelled Because of “Episodic Strucure,” Not Protests

Posted by Amanda Toering
Wednesday July 27th 2005, 1:04 pm
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In an apparent attempt to deflect criticism over its wet-noodlish cancellation of the reality series “Welcome to the Neighborhood,” ABC has designed a clever justification for canning the show:

Basically, it just wasn’t very good.

ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson discussed the cancellation at a press conference.

McPherson said the network was actively promoting the airing of the show, while racing to get the rest of the episodes ready, and had not seen the completed series.

“As we started to see it, we realized that if you air it in the episodic nature that it was scheduled to air, you could, maybe confuse the audience as to what the message you are trying to get across and what you were trying to portray,” he said. “And it really became a question of what’s responsible, to air it or not. We didn’t want to air something just because of the controversy. And I really felt like when I looked long and hard at it in this form, it wasn’t right. The show was not ready to go, and the responsible thing was not to air it.”

McPherson did not rule out the possibility that ABC would eventually air the series. (And with all the built-in publicity the show now has, why wouldn’t they? Who wants to bet they’ll let Donald Trump test the waters?)

More at MediaWeek.

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Steve McPherson isn’t saying “Welcome to the Neighborhood” isn’t good.

He’s saying that the early episodes contain bigotry, and that in the later episodes people realize the error of their bigotry.

Some viewers of the early episodes may not have predicted what is coming.

I wish ABC had shown “Welcome to the Neighborhood.” I was looking forward to watching it, and I haven’t watch a “reality” tv show in a long time.

Comment by Eric Jaffa 07.27.05 @ 1:36 pm

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