December 26, 2005

Rush Limbaugh Speaks for Liberals

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Thursday October 20th 2005, 6:01 am
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…better than they speak for themselves!

The conservative radio host on his October 18 show said:

What do I do on this program? I set up exactly what the other side’s position is. I’m the only one who’ll do it honestly. If I have a liberal guest on this program, I’m not guaranteed the liberal guest is going to be honest about what he believes. So in order to establish what I believe and what I think, I set myself up by presenting the liberal point of view on whatever issue it is I’m talking about.

For example, Rush Limbaugh said of liberals on his August 15 show:

If it were up to you people, we wouldn’t exist as a country today. You would have given in to the Soviets long ago, you would have appeased the Soviet communists. You would appease Iran right now. You probably wouldn’t have cared about the war on terror or the bombing on 9-11. You would have sought out bin Laden and tried to make a deal with him, and this country exists today only because we have been able to prevent you from gaining power to do that kind of thing. We’ve had our run-ins with Neville Chamberlain types, and you’re the modern incarnation.

Why do I bother presenting liberal values when Rush Limbaugh is doing such a wonderful job of speaking for liberals?

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What I dislike most about what is said about liberals is that we’re “anti-america”. Hello, what is MORE American than standing up for the United States Constitution and being able to speak your mind, even when that includes saying that you think our president is the biggest bumbling idiot on the face of the planet? This is one of the few countries in the world where you can say that without getting executed. I hate being told what I think and what I believe in especially by this fool who is apparenlty wearing blinders when it comes to what his government is really up to.

Comment by Mitch 10.20.05 @ 9:56 am

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