December 2, 2005

Al Franken Dislikes How Bob Woodward Wrote About John Belushi

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Sunday November 20th 2005, 7:59 pm
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Audio Excerpt from the November 17, 2005 “Al Franken Show”

Al Franken is now a host on “Air America Radio.” He used to be a writer for the TV show “Saturday Night Live.”

John Belushi was one of the original actors on SNL.

Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward wrote “Wired” in 1985, a book about John Belushi’s drug use.

Woodward has been in the news recently for receiving leaks from the Bush Administration about Valerie Plame. Woodward publicly commented on the crime, describing it as “quite minimal” without revealing his own involvement.

Franken said on his November 17, 2005 radio show that Woodward isn’t his favorite reporter, not only because of the recent Valerie Plame revelations, but also because of the book “Wired.”

Franken quoted Tom Davis, his fellow SNL writer, as saying that:

Writing about John Belushi and focusing on the cocaine is like writing a college yearbook titled “Puked” and describing college as a series of puking incidents (”No one fell in love, no one studied math, no one read Dostoevsky for the first time, they just puked, and that’s how much justice he did to John.”)

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If you look at the fallout from Plame in Isreal, Asia, England, France, Italy, Spain, etc. it makes alot of sense to form a new party like Sharon

Comment by anonymous 11.20.05 @ 8:23 pm


Can you expand on what you consider the international result of the Plame leak to be?

Comment by Eric Jaffa 11.20.05 @ 9:36 pm

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