April 27, 2006

Pizza Billboard Causes Controversy

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Sunday August 07th 2005, 5:35 pm
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New Zealand advertiser is blunt:

A decision is due to be made today whether a billboard labelling President Bush an ‘evil bastard’ is appropriate.

The Hell Pizza billboards have been erected around Auckland and Wellington. Half of the poster is taken up with a photo of the president and the other half has the phrase ‘Hell: Too Good For Some Evil Bastards.’

Outdoor Advertising New Zealand is reviewing who is behind the boards and whether the Advertising Standards Authority needs to become involved.

Hell’s media manager, Matthew Blomfield, says they expected to cause a bit of a stir. He says it is meant to provoke discussion and be a little edgy, instead of bland, boring advertising. Mr Blomfield is hoping reaction will be balanced between those who find it funny and those who are upset by it.

I’m glad we don’t have an “Advertising Standards Authority” in the US, saying that if an advertisement upsets some people it may have to be banned.

Imagine if every ad for pizza called George W. Bush an evil bastard…


Here is a photo of the Hell Pizza billboard.

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Here’s a shot of the billboard (c) 2005 Imran Meghji.

My friend took this photo over the weekend in Auckland, NZ.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/32335511/

Comment by Don 08.08.05 @ 1:35 pm

Thanks, I’ll add it to the post.

Comment by Eric Jaffa 08.08.05 @ 2:35 pm

The first anti-Bush one (’Hell has its standards’) got a chuckle to a huge laugh, but of the eight (OK, it’s not science) New Zealanders I polled about the second one (the ‘evil bastards’ one), liberals and conservatives thought it was an ad too far. The campaign hasn’t got as far as the state Advertising Standards’ Authority yet: outdoor advertisers do self-monitor, I believe.

Comment by Jack Yan 08.12.05 @ 4:13 am

Jack Yan -

Whatever New Zealanders think of the “Evil Batards” ad, many liberal Americans find it entertaining.

Comment by Eric Jaffa 08.12.05 @ 8:10 am

That’s Great!

If you ever open up a branch near San Francisco, you’ve got another customer!

Comment by AndyTiedye 08.13.05 @ 6:15 pm

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