December 3, 2005

Working for Change: Keeping an Eye on the Obscenity Police

Posted by Amanda Toering
Friday April 01st 2005, 7:53 am
Filed under: FCC

At Working for Change, Geov Parrish worries about the intensification of the obscenity battle.

Now, I should say right here that I’m no fan of some of the truly nauseating material that passes for “humor” on some of these sexually over-amped morning shows. Listening to some middle-aged morning jock egg on a 14-year-old girl calling in to describe her fellatio experiences is not only unentertaining, it’s sickening. But there are more than a few problems with setting up the FCC as some sort of cultural nanny, deciding what is and isn’t fit for society’s sensitive ears to hear.

At Working for Change.

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