February 11, 2006

Be Important in Just 5 Minutes

SpeakSpeak was created as a free-speech response to the right-wing’s stranglehold on the FCC. Politically motivated activists at groups like the Parents Television Council and American Family Association have hijacked the FCC’s complaint process. As a result, the FCC levied almost
$8 million in indecency fines in 2004.

Pending bills would increase maximum indecency fines to $325,000 per dirty word, nipple, or innuendo. (The current max is $29,500.)

We at SpeakSpeak believe that parenting children is the responsibility of parents — not the government, and certainly not the political activists who are attempting to reshape our culture in their own (hypocritical) image.

We’re here — and so are you — to remind the FCC that the Parents Television Council does not speak for all of us.

It bears repeating: The Parents Television Council does not speak for all of us.

Are we all going to hell because of Janet Jackson’s nipple? Will one more F-word bring on Armageddon? Does a mere on-air acknowledgement of the existence of sex have any effect on teen pregnancy rates? Should the government regulate program content simply because not every program is suitable for every viewer? And what about subscription-based television channels — should they be subject to the censor’s scissors too?

Some would have us believe these things. You know who they are.

Help us fight back.

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Through our site, you can send your own customized correspondence to the FCC, to broadcasters, to your representatives, and to advertisers. By acting together, rather than complaining about the effective organizing of those crusading for sanitized airwaves, we can turn the tide.

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