December 1, 2005

Robert Novak’s Bullshit Stirs a Public Response

Friday September 02nd 2005, 3:43 pm
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Conservative pundit Robert Novak said “bullshit” during a live discussion on CNN.

From The Smoking Gun via BuzzFlash:

Cable airwaves (are) not regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. But that didn’t stop about 100 concerned citizens from sending e-mails and letters to the FCC complaining about Novak’s August 4 CNN outburst. While facing off with Democratic strategist James Carville, the 74-year-old Novak responded to one Carville dig with, “Well, I think that’s bullshit, and I hate that.” He then walked off the “Inside Politics” set.

One letter

I am outraged at the behavior of Robert Novak on CNN. During an exchange with James Carville on 8-5-05, Novak objected to a line of questioning, yelled an expletive, and stormed off the stage. If Janet Jackson’s private parts can cause brain damage in children, what will it do to them to see a grown man have a temper tantrum, cursing and leaving in a huff?
Thank you for your time,

Another letter

On the CNN show Inside Politics yesterday, August 4th, Mr. Robert Novak used the “B” word. I was very offended, and my children have been corrupted as a result of hearing him use that word. They are now constantly using the “B” word and I can’t control them anymore. Please see to it that Mr. Novak and CNN are fined the appropriate $500,000 for corrupting the youth of America. Thank you.

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If the view of Janet’s nipple causes brain damage in our children, I sure hope this pilgrim did not breast feed her children!!! Imagine their condition today.

Seriously now, where did this idea come from, brain damage? Something from the intelligent design group, I guess, as I am sure there is no real science to back it up.

As for the second letter writer, I am sure their children were corrupted even before having heard the “B” word. Otherwise they would be able to control the children a bit better. I fear the children are more in control here and will continue to learn new words at school which their parents will find less than desirable.

Comment by John Sexton 09.04.05 @ 8:14 pm

Hopefully, the letter-writers are Howard Stern fans who wrote tongue-in-check letters in an attempt to fight Howard Stern from being held to a harsher standard than everyone else.

Comment by Eric Jaffa 09.05.05 @ 1:46 pm

No Eric, I am afraid these are real people with very unreal ideas that want us to live the same way they do, in a daydream!

Comment by John Sexton 09.05.05 @ 8:08 pm

I don’t know if the ‘concerned citizens’ are legit or part of Stern’s legion (he’s arranged letter-writing complaints before — check out the Oprah complaints at The Smoking Gun).

One thing that is certain — the Right kept their mouth shut about Novak’s bullshit. The FCC only received 100 letters? That guarantees that the PTC, AFA, FRC, MiM and their ilk stayed out of it.

Would they have sat on their hands if Carville had done the cussing?

Comment by Amanda Toering 09.07.05 @ 10:35 am

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