December 3, 2005

Comcast and Current TV: My Personal Experience

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Saturday September 24th 2005, 11:16 am
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I’m in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

After going without TV service for about fifteen months, today I got Comcast cable installed.

I chose “Digital Platinum,” their biggest package, for a hundred dollars a month.

I was disappointed to find that Al Gore’s “Current TV” isn’t included in the “Platinum” package, which includes basic cable, premium movie channels, etc.

I’ll have to subscribe to “Digital Exra” in addition to “Platinum” for $6.49 more per month to get Current. I don’t mind the extra $6.49 so much as the notion that lots of other people won’t get “Current TV” when they subscribe to Comcast. If there is valuable information in a Current TV video (for example one showing today about melting glaciers and global warming), fewer people will get the information because of how Comcast sets aside Current TV from its main packages.

Comcast “Digital Extra” consists of Bloomberg, Current TV, AZN Television, Lifetime Movie Network, Fox Movie Channel, Fox Soccer Channel, NBA TV, and NBA TV 2.

I’d rather be able to subscribe to just the channels I want a la carte than subscribe to a big package and still not have one of the main channels that interests me (without subscribing to an extra package with more channels I mostly don’t want.)


I just added Comcast add “Digital Extra” and so I now get “Current TV.” In addition to the $6.49 per month (on top of the hundred dollars per month), there was a one-time “upgrade fee” of $1.99. (I saved two pennies today by not being charged $6.50 and $2.)

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