December 1, 2005

Columbia Journalism Review: TV Content Wars Inevitable

Tuesday March 29th 2005, 9:12 am
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Reminding us that we’ve got keep our noses to our collective grindstone, the Columbia Journalism Review analyzes the indecency battles on the horizon. (via Media Savvy)

As for the more headline-friendly issue of fines for indecent content, [new chair Kevin] Martin has traditionally taken a much harder line. As a commissioner, he frequently criticized Powell’s fines as being too lenient. The New York Times noted recently that Martin “has taken the most aggressive approach in indecency cases, dissenting from a series of opinions in which the agency either found no violation or did not issue what he believed was a significant enough punishment.” This, of course, has made him popular with a vocal minority of conservative activist groups, particularly the Parents Television Council (PTC).

Don’t let the “vocal minority” win.

Being in the majority means nothing if you don’t speak up.

Remind Kevin Martin that we’re out here, and that his job is to weigh the standards of the community. We are the community.

Speak up!

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