December 1, 2005

AFA: It’s Only a Matter of Time Before Ads Promote “Recreational” Condom Use

Thursday June 02nd 2005, 10:32 am
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From Agape Press:

Two television networks are breaking new ground tonight (June 1) and airing condom ads during prime time. A spokesman for the American Family Association says the networks are violating the public trust. NBC will be airing the Trojan condom ad during the show Law and Order after 10:00 Eastern time tonight. The WB television network will air the ad during the program Smallville after 9:00 p.m. Eastern time.

Both networks say the ads are about responsibility and safety, but Randy Sharp with AFA says it is really just subjecting children to adult themes.

“Now that that line is going to be crossed, we can only expect that these ads are going to get more risqué, they’re going to get more graphic, they’re going to get into an area which is has nothing to do with safety or health issues.”

Sharp says it is no secret about the message either network wants to convey, especially when the ad runs during a popular teenage program like Smallville. He predicts the TV ads will eventually promote recreational use — much like the company’s current radio ads. [Mary Rettig]

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