December 1, 2005

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Walter Jones, Sponsor of Library Book Bill, Says ‘Forget Tolerance!’ ( Book Bans )

Walter Jones, sponsor of a House bill that would require parental review boards to approve library book purchases, believes that teaching tolerance to kids is unimportant.
“Children don’t even know what tolerance means,” he said. “Parents who bring children into the world should not feel there’s a social agenda in their schools.”
From the Kinston […]

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US House Jumps on Gay Book Ban-Wagon ( Book Bans )

Yet another Southern legislator has proposed to protect kids from kids’ books.
US Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) has introduced a bill (HR 2295) that would require state educational agencies to implement a parental review board to decide which books are suitable for public libraries. States that refused to implement such review boards would lose federal education […]

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