December 26, 2005

Which Is It?

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Friday October 21st 2005, 9:52 am
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The “criminalization of politics,” or Republican officials who think “since they are the elect, whatever they do — no matter how noxious, despicable, and underhanded — is okay?

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Well the whole matter of “rule of law” only applied when the GOP didn’t run Washington as it does now. Now that they’re in charge, it’s the “rule of man” that applies… especially since THEY ARE “the man”.

Plus it felt comforting for conservatives and neo-conservatives to say that it was just about the “rule of law” when they were the prosecutors. Sure they were getting their jollies, but they still told the rest of us “Don’t take this personally. We’re just doing our jobs here. We didn’t write the laws.. our personal ancestors did… we’re just enforcing those laws.”

But once the prosecutors become the prosecuted, suddenly it BECOMES “personal”. Suddenly it BECOMES “political”. Suddenly every prosecutor who even looks at a Republican politician without the required shock and awe becomes a “partisian renegade”.

You know, if I still thought of myself as a conservative instead of the libertarian that I am, I would be thoroughly disgusted with this new tactic. And I would normally ask them what Joe McCarthy was asked fifty years ago… namely have they, at long last, no decency left? But we already know the answer to that question.

Comment by David 2 10.24.05 @ 5:12 pm

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