December 4, 2005

Hong Kong Man Sent to Jail for Sharing Three Movies

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Friday November 11th 2005, 10:10 am
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From the New York Times:

A Hong Kong judge sentenced a 38-year-old unemployed man to three months in jail Monday for using an Internet file-sharing system to make three Hollywood movies available for others to download free.

Chan Nai-ming stored three Hollywood movies on his computer and let others download them at no charge. The jail sentence was the first ever meted out against a person copying movies using the BitTorrent file-sharing technology, industry and government officials said. BitTorrent, which is made to handle very large files, cuts the time it takes to download movies and TV shows from hours to minutes.


“The message is one that is best heeded by Internet pirates the world over, namely that you can and will be found, prosecuted and punished for the theft of intellectual property,” said Dan Glickman, chief executive of the Motion Picture Association of America.

Free file-sharing should be a civil matter, not a criminal matter that lands people in jail.

Dan Glickman’s lack of compassion here doesn’t speak well of him.

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