January 12, 2006

Howard Stern Explains What He Considers Indecent

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Monday January 09th 2006, 9:24 pm
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During a press conference this morning, Howard Stern explained what he considers indecent.


Howard Stern doesn’t consider “doody” jokes indecent.

Things he does consider indecent:

• US soldiers in Iraq not having enough body armor.

• The Iraq War may have been started based on a lie.

• “The Religious Right” who oppose letting a woman choose an abortion and also oppose affirmative action for a hand up for people born into poverty.

• “The Religious Right” who like “The Taliban” are intolerant regarding contrary opinions, and also intolerant towards gays.

• The Catholic Church covering for abuse by priests by transferring the priests to another parish.

• Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) spending millions of our tax dollars on a bridge to nowhere.

Controversial radio host Howard Stern did his first show on satellite radio this morning. The show included the press conference referenced above.

Stern used to be on broadcast radio, which is subject to FCC fines for “indecency.” Infinity Broadcasting, where Howard Stern used to work, was fined by the FCC for his broadcasts.

Satellite radio isn’t subject to indecency fines. Stern went to Sirius Satellite radio partially for the greater freedom.

The FCC defines indecency as “patently offensive” material about sex and excretion which violates community standards.

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The fcc does not have this control over Satellite Radio, and be said, that was a choice, Free Speech. Howard Stern can do what he wants, to do and not even National Association of Broadcasters can’t do anything. That’s because, you must be over 18 years of age to recieve xm or Sirius, and if not, you can’t have it. Broadcaster’s do not want people to waste there money on cable tv, internet, satellite tv, or satellite radio, they want people’s heart in buying goods, which they advertize. And no there should be no language on satellite radio and there won’t. and choice. There should be choice.

Comment by Thomas Ingram II 01.10.06 @ 9:09 am

Stern hits the nail on the head with this one. Say what you want about his toilet humor and lesbian fixation but it’s hard to deny Stern is highly intelligent and when it comes down to important issues facing the country he’s on the right side.

Comment by Christopher John 01.10.06 @ 3:49 pm

Howard Stern is my hero.

Seriously, this guy might do a bunch of stuff that offends people; but he is artriculate.

Comment by Giovanni 01.10.06 @ 7:42 pm

“Indecent” seemed to be defined as anything the FCC and the corporate suits felt was too controversial. It was just easier to hide behind the blue-noses who whined endlessly to, “think about the children!”

It’s quite liberating to know that Howard can now say (in any fashion he wants) “Fuck the FCC!”

I wonder if the corporate heads at Sirius have some sort of upper limit on what they would put up with. I know Howard caught a lot of flack for wishing cancer on some radio exec (he also prayed to Jeebus for his wish to be granted btw) that burned him on his syndication deal I think. It’s not like he was advocating someone take the peckerhead out. When a xian friend (I’m atheist) said the prayer to JC was horrible, I asked them if they were afraid that their invisible buddy would accidentally rubber stamp the prayer request and smite the poor douchebag. It was funny as hell. So far Howard on Sirius has some things that are obviously less convenient than terrestrial radio, but some are more convenient. I’m listening to the rebroadcast now and laughing my ass off.

I’m hoping the xian right has its panties in a bunch over the fact that George Takai (Mr. Sulu of Star Trek) is now a regular and is openly homosexual. That’s not indecent. The things Howard mentioned were certainly qualify though.

Comment by LanceThruster 01.10.06 @ 7:44 pm

Sirius is a company built and run by serious suits. There is ONE and ONLY one way that Stern will judged by them… if they make more money for them. All the other stuff is just that.

Anyone who believes that the Sirious suits care about anything else is as delusional as the clowns that spend their time policing your mind.

Comment by justAguy 01.10.06 @ 8:07 pm

I understand the feeling behind Stern’s prayer of cancer for the slimey radio exec. The world would be a better place without some corrupt souls.

Comment by Lothar 01.10.06 @ 9:35 pm

Hooray for Howard! One thing I never understood about the FCC and the complainers - they complain that programs use sex and toilet humor just to increase ratings. If sex and toilet humor increase ratings, doesn’t that mean that the audience wants more sex and toilet humor?

I don’t need the FCC protecting me from stuff I, as a concenting adult, want to see or hear.

Comment by Buford 01.11.06 @ 6:52 am

Why is it that the faux christian right gets so upset when Howard prayed for some guy to get cancer, but when Pat Robertson prays for the same to happen to a liberal member of the U.S. Supreme Court, nary a word was said in protest by the good, faithful righties?

Comment by Patrick 01.11.06 @ 7:49 am

OK — for the most part I find Howard Stern’s program anywhere from childish to disgusting and personally never listened to him past one or two shows. However, I couldn’t agree with him more with what he said in this interview. It’s a shame he doesn’t talk more about these issues in between his fart jokes.

Comment by Nicole 01.11.06 @ 12:40 pm

God Bless Howard Stern. As the world gets more and more hypocrtical, polorized and “faith-based,” Howard’s unique ability to burst holes in the pompocity of our nation’s celebrities and “leaders” is needed now more than ever. Howard Stern is a voice sorely needed by those of us in the Reality-based community.

Oh yeah, and FUCK THE FCC. Death to Clear Channel.

Comment by El Perro Patron 01.12.06 @ 8:01 am

I remember when Stern gave up on terrestrial radio. People other than him were hitting the delay on him in the middle of sentences and he didn’t even know. It sucked. He couldn’t do the show he wanted to do. Well, now he’s doing it, and anyone who thinks he’s just potty humor obviously doesn’t listen with an open mind, or at all!

Comment by John Clavis 01.12.06 @ 8:27 am

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