April 24, 2006

“You Sound Like One of Those Left Wing Bloggers”

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April 23, 2006 @ 7:58 am
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Title quote is Joe Klein to Mike Stark.

Check out Mike Stark’s call to Time Magazine columnist Joe Klein, who says we should consider nuking Iran.

If you are against nuclear first-strikes, please tell that to your Senators.


New Show About Workers On “Air America Radio”

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April 22, 2006 @ 8:24 am
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Picture of young woman with curly black hair at a microphone
Jackie Guerra

On Saturdays, Air America Radio will broadcast “Workin’ It.

This one-hour show AAR show is devoted to labor issues. The host is Jackie Guerra.

From their blog, by Alexandra Lescaze:

Today, host Jackie Guerra talks to Senator John Edwards about his fight against poverty, and actor Danny Glover about his support of the Hotel Workers Rising campaign. We’ll also check in with Bill McManaman in the Newsroom, and play you a clip of Dick Cheney’s audio diary that we got from a friendly hotel worker. Plus we’ll have commentary from former Congressman David Bonior.

Tune in on Saturday; check your local listings here, or check back for an update of this post to find out when the audio from the show will be posted in our show archives.

Times vary. I’m in Minnesota, and “Air America Minnesota” will play it at 1PM Central today.

Labor Section

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April 21, 2006 @ 5:51 pm
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Liberal radio host Thom Hartmann asked on his show today, “What happened to the Labor Section of the newspaper which I remember from when I was a kid in the sixties?”

I’m younger than Hartmann (I’m in my thirties) and I didn’t know that newspapers used to have a Labor Section.

I’ve noticed that newspapers have a Business Section written from the management and shareholder point-of-view, and that that perspective isn’t balanced.

But I didn’t know that newspapers used to be better.

Goals for Democrats

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April 19, 2006 @ 6:23 pm
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Written by Al Franken, one of the talk-show hosts on Air America Radio:

So, it’s looking better for Democrats in the fall. But we still need a positive agenda going forward. ..

First insure all kids. Immediately! Day One. Medicare for Kids.

Second, restore fiscal sanity. Start by repealing the tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans. On them only. We’re at war, folks. Let’s act like it.

Three. Corruption. Restore honor and integrity to government. No outing CIA agents. Clean up Congress. Real lobbying reform. Clean elections – meaning public financing of federal elections. It will save the American taxpayer billions and billions of dollars a year that get eaten up by special interest tax breaks, earmarks for contributors, and special exemptions from environmental and workplace safety rules. It’ll save us so much money – get Congress working for us instead of their donors. Make sure our election results can be trusted. Meaning a paper trail.

Four. Education. Really Leave No Child Behind. Understand that the poorest kids in this country need MORE resources, not less. Pay teachers more to teach in at risk areas. Make the best teachers compete to work in at risk neighborhoods. Don’t make districts rely entirely on their tax base to fund schools. Lower property taxes, but let’s get serious about education about funding it from general revenues and training the best teachers possible.

Five. Science. We have to recognize that global climate change exists, and do something about it. An Apollo program for renewable energy. Wind, solar, yes, switch grass, ethanol. Conservation. Energy independence. Higher fuel efficiency standards. Stem cell research. Adult and embryonic. Let’s not throw out 400,000 frozen embryos. Which are made up of about 12 cells. Let’s use them to find the cure for juvenile diabetes. For Parkinsons. For spinal injuries. MS.

Six. Real National Security. Real port security. Secure the loose nukes in the former Soviet Union. WORK WITH OUR ALLIES IN THE FIGHT AGAINST GLOBAL TERRORISM.

Seven. Stop lying. Tell the American people the truth. Especially before leading us into war.

Eight. Fair trade. Let’s make sure that our trade laws contain labor and environmental standards – so that workers at home and abroad aren’t exploited and the environment isn’t destroyed.

Nine – Pensions. Make sure that Americans retirements are secure.

Observations About Radio…

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April 18, 2006 @ 2:47 pm
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..from an author who recently did a lot of radio to promote his book, “Duck! The Dick Cheney Survival Bible.”

Gene Stone writes about right-wing control of radio:

Worse was the other tack taken by many other radio hosts: everything unflattering to the administration is a liberal lie.

For instance, a show in blue-state Maryland, where the host, after a polite introduction, proceeded to attack the idea that Dick Cheney has misstepped. Worst, the host said, was this idea that the recent shooting incident was anything other than the victim’s fault. Liberals, the host explained, aren’t smart enough to know the rules of hunting; if they did, they’d understand that Dick Cheney behaved with a moral integrity few mortals have ever displayed.

There’s not much you can do with that argument either.

And so it goes, interview after interview, five minute segment after twenty minute segment: Liberals are destructive, liberals are fools, liberals hate the country, liberals this, liberals that, liberals lie.

The radio, it appears, is not liberal.

Radio is a powerful force. The right figured this out long ago. With some exceptions, such as the newly created Air America, or syndicated programs such as Barry Lynn’s Culture Shocks, the airwaves belong to the right. If all your news came from the radio, you’d never know that the president’s approval ratings have fallen into the 30s. You’d never know that Iraq is a quagmire. You’d never know much.

Howard Dean on “The Majority Report” Tonight

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April 17, 2006 @ 2:31 pm
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The liberal talk-radio network Air America Radio includes a show co-hosted by Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder.

It’s called “The Majority Report.” It’s on for 3 hours per weeknight, starting at 7PM Eastern/6PM Central.

Guests on tonight’s show include Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

You can listen to AAR over the internet for free, at their website.

Bill O’Reilly Is a Bad Journalist

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April 14, 2006 @ 9:09 am
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A good journalist tells people Who, What, When, and Where.

Bill O’Reilly is a bad journalist. He intentionally keeps his audience in the dark.

In discussing a report in the New Yorker by Seymour Hersh that Bush may nuke Iran, Bill O’Reilly omitted the name of the magazine, “The New Yorker,” and omitted Seymour Hersh’s name.

“…this crazy magazine, which is as irresponsible as you get. I’m not even going to name it..” is Bill O’Reilly’s responsible(?) way of referring to the magazine article.

As Media Matters for America emphasizes, Bill O’Reilly also usually didn’t mention the most troubling revelation in the artice, that the Bush Administration refuses to rule out using nuclear weapons against Iran:

In four consecutive appearances on his television and radio shows, Bill O'Reilly attacked the media for extensively covering the claims made by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh in his article for the April 17 issue of The New Yorker, which documented steps the Bush administration is taking to prepare for a possible military strike against Iran. But, in all but one appearance, O'Reilly completely ignored a primary reason Hersh's report has received such attention: the disclosure that “[o]ne of the military's initial option plans, as presented to the White House by the Pentagon this winter, calls for the use of a bunker-buster tactical nuclear weapon.”

« Bill O’Reilly Wants His Audience in the Dark »

Bill O’Reilly also usually refers to “Media Matters for America” as a “nutty, far-left website” or “far-left smear website” without saying the organization’s name.

O’Reilly also avoids saying the name “Keith Olbermann” when talking about him, referring to Olbermann as Phil Donahue’s “successor” instead (Olbermann is on MSNBC in the time-slot which had Donahue’s since-cancelled show.)

A good journalist, unlike Bill O’Reilly, tells his audience whom he’s talking about.

« Take Action Regarding Iran »

Please tell your Senators no nuclear first-strikes.

“I Hate Bill O’Reilly”

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April 13, 2006 @ 11:47 am
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I don’t personally hate Bill O’Reilly.

But the authors of the book, “Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O’Reilly” will be guests on Al Franken’s radio show Friday.

I’ll probably tune in for their discussion of the Fox News television host.

The Al Franken Show” and other “Air America Radio” shows can be listened to for free online at the AAR website. Franken’s show is from noon - 3PM Eastern/11AM - 2PM Central.

Howard Stern Guest Appearance

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April 12, 2006 @ 6:06 pm
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A controversial talk-radio host, Howard Stern, was recently a guest on Fox News.

From an article by conservative Cliff Kincaid published yesterday:

“Fox News is gone,” said one of our readers. “Last evening, I saw Howard Stern being interviewed by Sean [Hannity]. Howard Stern has nothing of worth to say to anybody.” Stern is a foul-mouthed “shock jock” who specializes in talking about lesbians and strippers.

It is a mystery why Fox News Channel (FNC) would devote major parts of two shows to Hannity interviewing Stern, while Stern appears in front of a big poster board telling people to sign up for his satellite radio show. It was a new low. Then I heard that Hannity had Stern on his radio show as well.

Even before this atrocity, I was hearing from dozens of people upset about Fox News Channel’s drift.

I didn’t see Howard Stern’s appearance on “Hannity and Colmes.”

But it’s not a “mystery” why TV shows invite Stern on. It’s because he has lots of fans who tune in to see him, and he often says interesting things during an interview.

Conservative Cliff Kincaid proceeds to quote readers who are disappointed that Fox News is supposedly moving left:

Responding to FNC’s hiring of liberals like Kimberly Guilfoyle and Marvin Kalb, one told me: “I wonder how many Liberal news agencies are hiring conservatives or moderates? I love Fox News, but if they’re going to turn into a Liberal Press show, forget it. I won’t be watching anymore. Just because the Liberals can’t keep a radio show going doesn’t mean Fox News should be welcoming them to the table.”

…”Amen to your story and views on Fox News,” said another. “I have been increasingly disenchanted by them since they began promoting themselves as ‘fair and balanced’ and started filling their ranks with liberals. I have watched Fox News Channel very little for the last couple of years.”

I haven’t watched enough of Fox News recently to have an opinion on whether it’s moving left. As for Kimberly Guilfoyle and Marvin Kalb, I’m completely unfamiliar with them and have no opinion on whether they’re liberals.

If you’ve watched Fox News recently or you’re familiar with Kimberly Guilfoyle and Marvin Kalb, feel free to post in the Comments. Of course, you can post Comments regardless.

Glenn Beck’s Nuclear Fantasies

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April 12, 2006 @ 9:41 am
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Conservative radio host Glenn Beck will soon host a TV show on CNN Headline News. It will be shown seven-nights-a-week.

On his radio show of April 10, Glenn Beck said about nuclear weapons:

I think we need to change the name of the weapon. I think we just need to come up with some sort of politically correct name. Something, I don’t know — this isn’t it, but like a butterfly bomb. Aw, look, it’s like a little butterfly. We could paint it all psychedelic colors; everybody in San Francisco would be like, “Aw, ain’t that like a little butterfly?” Vaporization.

…Bomb de tropical. That kind of sounds nice. We could use that one in Venezuela. You know, the problem is I am so pro-science. Everybody says conservatives are anti-science. We’re not. I’m pro-science. We’ve developed this bomb, why wouldn’t we use it?

Perhaps Beck’s remarks are intended as humor. But the joke would only be funny to people who find the notion of millions of San Franciscans being killed or millions of Venezualans being killed an entertaining concept.

To answer his question, some reasons why the US shouldn’t drop another nuclear bomb include:

-massive civilian casualties
-radiation which travels around the world
-making the use a nuclear bombs more acceptable, and more likely to be used against us

If Glenn Beck doesn’t know these things, he’s an idiot. More likely, he’s not an idiot, just making money by pretending to be one for people who hate San Franciscans and Venezualans so much that they find this funny.

It’s a shame that CNN Headline News is willing to taint its name with someone who at least pretends to be an idiot.

Conservative Radio Host Glenn Beck…

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April 10, 2006 @ 9:12 am
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…will be on CNN Headline News for an hour-per-night, plus repeats, starting Monday, May 8.

The conservative will be on seven nights a week.

While CNN HLN will have Glenn Beck giving conservative opinions, there is no mention in their May schedule of a host to give liberal opinions.

CNN Embraces Ignorance

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April 7, 2006 @ 12:01 pm
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CNN is hiring conservative radio host Glenn Beck to host a TV show.

Beck makes remarks like this on his radio show:

Whatever happened to the Indians? You know, they were celebrating Mother Earth and Father Sky or whatever it is, and that was beautiful and special. Now, it’s about gaming, alcohol, fireworks, and abortions. I mean, what happened to the proud Indian?

..What fork in the road did Native Americans take? When did they decide, “Ah, crap, it’s just not worth it any more. Why don’t we turn our precious land into a place where we can build some slot machines?

What an ignorant thing to say. Like the Indians wanted to be slaughtered and penned into tiny plots of land.

Whether it’s feigned ignorance or real ignorance, CNN shouldn’t be embracing this guy.

“Air America” Will Get a New CEO

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April 6, 2006 @ 10:33 am
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From the AP:

Air America Radio, the liberal talk radio network that features comedian Al Franken, announced late Wednesday that Danny Goldberg is giving up his role as CEO and will be replaced by an executive from a management consulting firm.

Goldberg, a longtime music industry executive, joined Air America as CEO in February of last year. He will remain with the company as vice chairman.

You can listen to “Air America Radio” at the AAR website. It’s also on brodcast radio in these cities.

Al Franken Says 2004 Democratic Convention Was Too Soft on Bush

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April 5, 2006 @ 9:29 am
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Al Franken is a liberal radio host for Air America Radio.

He recently spoke with Jeff Simon of the The Buffalo News of NY:

Franken’s view is that the major sin of the 2004 Democratic convention was its softness on Bush. “I thought the convention was an opportunity to attack Bush. I think they were afraid to; I don’t know why. Instead, they did a sort of incessantly positive message which everyone is always asking for and they got no bounce from it at all.

Bush, by that time, had not created a job, the war was going badly, there were no weapons of mass destruction and on and on and on. That should have been a big part of the emphasis of that election.”

The article also includes Franken’s opinions of MSNBC’s Keith Oblermann, Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart, and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews:

Of MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann - with whom he shares a penchant for provoking Bill O’Reilly whenever possible - he says “I love Keith. I think he’s really funny. And I think he’s very smart. I like his politics. Clearly he’s one of the few people who doesn’t allow the kind of intimidation by this White House that they do. They basically say “If you don’t tow the line, we won’t give you our guests. You won’t have access to Cheney and all.’ And he says “screw it.’”

Jon Stewart and his “Daily Show?”

“I think his success helps us. I think people now look to humor as a way of crystallizing their thoughts about politics. I think it’s all part of the same thing in a way.”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews (who broke the story Monday of Tom Delay’s bowing out of the Congressional race in Texas)?

“With Chris I go in and out. He’s not always the best listener. But he’s very knowledgeable. Sometimes I don’t agree with him. He gives too big a break to people who are bull—-ing. On the other hand, he sees through stuff too. I haven’t been watching him too much of late. What I watch now - I do watch “Meet the Press’, I do watch (George) Stephanopoulos (on Sunday mornings on ABC), I do watch (Jim) Lehrer. And I dip into O’Reilly once in a while because it’s sort of my job.”

Keith Olbermann Calls Neal Boortz a “Racist”

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April 3, 2006 @ 9:33 pm
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Keith Olbermann hosts the news show “Countdown” each weeknight on MSNBC.

On March 31, Olbermann discussed a remark by a conservative radio host. He called Neal Boortz the night’s winner in the category of “Worst Person in the World:”

But our winner, radio’s Neal Boortz.

We told you that Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was arrested after allegedly striking a police officer at a Capitol Hill security checkpoint.

Boortz declared that Representative McKinney, who is an African-American, has new a hairstyle that makes her look, quote, “like a ghetto slut“; quote, “like an explosion at a Brillo pad factory“; quote, “like Tina Turner peeing on an electric fence”; and quote, “like a shih tzu.”

He claims he’s permitted to say these things because he’s endured years of bald remarks. OK, endure this one: You’re a bald racist.

Air America’s Second Anniversary

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March 31, 2006 @ 6:20 am
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The liberal talk-network Air America Radio debuted on March 31, 2004, with “The O’Franken Factor.” That show is now called “The Al Franken Show.”

Happy second anniversary to all the employees.

You can listen to AAR for free, no registration required, at the AAR website.

Amy Goodman Was a Guest on C-Span

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March 26, 2006 @ 6:03 am
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The host of Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman, did a call-in feature on the C-Span cable channel this morning.

She was asked by C-Span’s Steve Scully how she would start a biography of George W. Bush.

She answered: Bush lies, and the corporate media is the megaphone of his lies.

Goodman also spoke about the history of Pacifica Radio, which carries Democracy Now! She said Pacifica Radio was founded by Lew Hill in 1949, who was an American conscientious objector during WWII.

Goodman said that Pacifica Radio invented the listener-sponsored model, later used by NPR and PBS. But while NPR and PBS also accept corporate underwriting, Pacifica doesn’t.

Rice Radio Controversy

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March 24, 2006 @ 6:21 pm
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Condoleezza Rice is the first black woman to be Secretary of State.

A radio host in St. Louis, Missouri, said she should eventually be a commissioner of football.

He continued that “she’s African-American, which would kind of be a big coon.” He immediately apologized for saying “coon.”

Dave Lenihan told Keith Olbermann on MSNBC tonight that he meant to say “coup in the NFL.”

Lenihan was fired twenty minutes later. The NAACP at first applauded the firing, but then reversed itself and said he should get his radio job back, Olbermann reported.

I agree with the NAACP’s latter position. I want people to get a second chance when they claim a slip of the tongue. Even a third chance.

Racial tolerance is important, but so is tolerance of slips.

The audio is at Crooks and Liars.

Right-Wing Radio Network Starting Activism Website

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March 23, 2006 @ 1:12 pm
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Salem is a right-wing radio network. Apparently, they want their listeners to contact Congress more.

From Talkers Magazine (no permalink):

The Hill newspaper reports that Salem’s director of online strategy for Salem Web Network, Chuck DeFeo, is developing a new site called beyondthenews.com to promote activism among listeners to its secular political talk programming.

Hosts Mike Gallagher, Bill Bennett, Michael Medved, Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager will be featured on the site. According to Salem the new site will give listeners “blogging tools, free podcasts, opinion columns and the ability to influence key lawmakers on conservative ideas.”

I want Salem to have the right to do this without registering with the FEC.

But I don’t want HR 4900 to pass and to be used to say that websites like The Daily Kos which aren’t affiliated with big media companies need to register.

Randi Rhodes and Habitat for Humanity

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March 19, 2006 @ 7:25 am
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Randi Rhodes is a liberal talk-show host. She’s on Air America Radio after Al Franken.

Habitat for Humanity builds houses for the poor.

From Randi Rhodes’ website:

The Randi Rhodes Show has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild the Katrina ravaged Gulf Coast, one home at a time.

1) You can donate now online through Habitat’s safe, secure server..

I just donated.

It’s Legal When Oprah Winfrey Does It…

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March 18, 2006 @ 1:58 pm
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.. but illegal when Howard Stern does it.

Radio host Howard Stern used to talk about sex over the public airwaves. But faced with millions in FCC fines for “indecency, ” he was driven off the airwaves.

Now people who want to listen to Howard Stern need to pay a subscription fee to Sirius Satellite.

Oprah Winfrey, however, can use the public airwaves to talk about sex all she wants.

The FCC writes in its newest report (page 49 of PDF) that when Oprah Winfrey has guests on her TV show to talk about rainbow parties and tossed salad, she doesn’t want to “titillate the audience. Rather, it is designed to inform viewers about an important topic.”

Oprah Winfrey’s shows about sex are similar to “educational broadcasts,” according to the FCC.

This raises a question: what is wrong with titillating an audience?

People stuck in traffic on their way to work should be able to enjoy Howard Stern making jokes. They were able to do so for free for decades, until the FCC drove Howard Stern off the public airwaves.

I’m skeptical that Oprah Winfrey has any less desire to titillate an audience than Howard Stern , but let’s say she’s a saint. So what?

If the goal of indecency fines to stop children from hearing vulgar content, then what difference does it make if a host wants to educate or titillate? Assuming it’s a valid goal to make everything on the airwaves from 6AM-10PM appropriate for children, why not let parents get educated about slang with programming after 10PM?

If it isn’t the goal of indecency fines to make everything on the public airwaves from 6AM-10PM appropriate for children, then why not eliminate indecency fines altogether? The fines are serving no purpose if TV stations can broadcast content inappropriate for children in the afternoon, as long as its educational.

« George Carlin »

When comedian George Carlin, did his classic bit Seven Dirty Words I don’t think that Carlin intended just to titillate. I think he was trying to get people to think about language.

But the FCC established its power to punish people for a new category of speech, called “indecency,” in the Supreme Court case FCC vs. Pacifica, by fining for that Carlin bit.

If a comedian says something about sex or vulagar language on the radio, the FCC is eager to punish him. But if a daytime TV host does it, the FCC will let it pass.*

* If you can name a single case of a daytime TV host receiving an indecency fine from the FCC, please post it in the Comments.

“Air America” Will Continue in New York City

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March 17, 2006 @ 8:12 am
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From the New York Daily News:

The progressive radio talk network Air America will continue on WLIB (1190 AM), the network said yesterday, dampening speculation that WLIB might switch to other programming after the two parties’ original two-year deal ends this month.

No details of a new arrangement were released, with a statement from Air America saying, “Over the next several months, Air America and [WLIB owner] Inner City will seek to enhance and extend their long-term relationship.”

Air America still trails longer-established talk stations like WABC (770 AM) in the ratings, but CEO Danny Goldberg said last week it is growing in affiliates, listenership and ad revenue.

Gee, it’s almost as if the anonymous sources of Brian Mulroney aren’t so reliable.

I have a low opinion of the use of anonymous sources by newspapers (I know it’s sometimes needed) and an even lower opinion of the use of anonymous sources by bloggers who don’t have editors.

I can’t say that I’ll never use anonymous sources, because it’s theoretically possible circumstances will occur which make their use appropriate.

I can say that if I’m ever in a situation similar to Brian Mulroney’s, and someone tells me exclusively that Rush Limbaugh is going to lose a radio station within a month, and that source demands anonymity, I won’t print that story. I’ll wait a few weeks for the station to change its lineup or not.

Keith Olbermann on Al Franken’s Radio Show Today

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March 15, 2006 @ 7:17 am
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Keith Olbermann hosts the news program “Countdown” each weeknight on MSNBC.

Olbermann has crititicized Fox News host Bill O’Reilly once or twice or a thousand times during “Countdown.”

In the middle of the first hour of today’s Al Franken radio show, Olbermann is scheduled to be interview.

The interview should start around 12:30PM Eastern, 11:30AM Central, Wednesday.

One can listen to the Al Franken show for free at the Air America Radio website.

Al Franken has been known to criticize Bill O’Reilly, too.

Movie about Al Franken

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March 15, 2006 @ 6:44 am
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Al Franken is a comedian who hosts a progressive talk-radio show each weekday on Air America Radio.

This Saturday in Austin, TX, a documentary about Al Franken debuted.

People could watch “Al Franken: God Spoke” at Austin’s “South by Southwest” festival. The film includes Al Franken’s interaction with the 2004 presidential race, in which he supported Senator John Kerry.

From Andrew O’Hehir of Salon.com:

It’s hilarious because Franken, of course, remains a killer comedian even as we watch him engage the so-called major issues of the 2004 campaign season, do his Saddam Hussein routine for American troops in Iraq, or wrassle such media dragons as Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity. It’s painful, because, as in all tragedies, we know what’s going to happen at the end of that campaignand Franken and the rest of the cast don’t.

The film doesn’t have a distributor yet. “Variety” reporter Joe Leydon writes:

If it manages to tap into the same undercurrents of discontent and frustration that fueled the breakthrough success of “Fahrenheit 9/11,” doc could post surprisingly impressive theatrical numbers.

But even if “God Spoke” speaks only to the converted, that may be enough to generate brisk B.O.B.O. and homevid bizbiz.

Al Franken TV Guest Appearances

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March 13, 2006 @ 6:35 pm
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From a mass email from Air America Radio:

Al Franken will also be a guest on David Letterman Tuesday night and The Colbert Report (Comedy Central) on Wednesday.

Al Franken appearing on The Colbert Report has a twist to it. Actor David Cross has appeared on a few episodes of the TV show as fictitious radio host Russ Lieber, who is largely based on Al Franken.

Also, Al Franken has interviewed Stephen Colbert on Franken’s radio show before the start of the TV show, “The Colbert Report.” While Colbert plays a right-wing character on his TV show, during that radio interview Colbert was himself and not right-wing.

« Update of March 15, 2006 »

You can view Franken’s appearance on Letterman last night at Crooks and Liars.