December 26, 2005

The New Howard Stern Show

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Thursday October 20th 2005, 9:13 am
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Talk radio host Howard Stern will soon have more freedom.

Stern’s radio show is moving from the broadcast band, where content is subject to FCC indecency fines, to satellite.

His radio show will be carried on Sirius:

Scott Greenstein, president of entertainment and sports for Sirius, said, “Howard has a history of knowing where the lines are, and we’re confident he’ll continue to retain that perspective at Sirius.”

Mr. Greenstein added, however, “We want to make sure he gets to do the show he wants.”

Which actually could pose a creative challenge for Mr. Stern. To many listeners, he was best when railing against Michael Powell - the former chairman of the F.C.C., which over the years has levied decency fines of more than $2 million on Infinity and the stations that carry his program - and his own squeamish bosses. Just this week, Mr. Stern was reprimanded on the air by Tom Chiusano, general manager of WXRK-FM, his home station, for going too far with a bit that involved the weighing of bodily waste.

Mr. Stern, who signs off WXRK in mid-December, promised an uncensored version on Sirius, which is not subject to FCC regulation. Asked if he was worried that he might lose his edge without having a foil in a position of authority, Mr. Stern said he was not.

“If you know me, there’s nothing that will make me completely happy,” he said. “I will find the thorn on the rose every time.

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