February 19, 2006

Michelle Malkin Embarasses Herself

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Friday January 13th 2006, 6:18 am
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A supposed bomb found in the bathroom of a San Francisco Starbucks turned out to be nothing more than an old flashlight which a homeless man had left there.

Check out the dubious way that conservative blogger Michelle Malkin reacted to the initial reports:

Just sharing this info, FYI: Bay Area moonbats have quite a history of Starbucks-bashing. See here, here, here, and here. Apparently, they don’t think the left-leaning corporation is guilty enough about its profits or organically pure enough for their caffeine-stained tastebuds.

Whoever it was that left the IED in Starbucks ought to face serious consequences for endangering people’s lives. But it’s the Bay Area. So they won’t.


Reader Daniel G. notes of the SF Chronicle’s coverage that it refers vaguely to “vandals” who have “targeted San Francisco Starbucks in the past,'’ but leaves out who or why.

Once again, left-wing terrorism and violence gets a pass in the MSM. The Chronicle was equally coy when left-wing terrorist groups like ELF exploded devices at Emeryville’s Chiron headquarters. But if a right-wing anti-abortion group placed a pipe bomb at a Planned Parenthood office, you wouldn’t see such vague “vandals” descriptions.


Update: A suspect has been arrested.

Update II: 1/12/06

SFChronicle reports… Starbucks ‘bomb’ found to be harmless
Preliminary tests apparently find no explosive material

My favorite part is where she approvingly quotes a reader bashing the MSM (mainstream media) as being too kind to liberals. In fact, the initial article in the San Francisco Chronicle was too credulous towards authority:

The headline on Monday was “Bomb defused at Starbucks on Van Ness.” The first sentence was, “A San Francisco Starbucks is closed this afternoon after police defused a bomb placed in the bathroom.” We now know it was just an old flashlight.

Update of January 14, 2005: David Neiwert of Orcinus has more on Malkin’s false alarms.

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The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Ooops… sorry… not yet. But it might. Soon. Maybe even tomorrow. Maybe it’s already happening and we don’t know about it.

Maybe Michelle needs a new hobby… bunker-building or something like that.

Comment by David 2 01.13.06 @ 8:57 am

SF resident here, one who also spent the better part of a year working at a downtown Starbucks.

Starbucks partners in SF find all kimds of weird stuff in bathrooms. I kid you not when I tell you that junkies regularly shot up in ours — necessitating a total scrubdown with heavy gloves in order to clean out the possibly infected blood they left behind — and once a drunk passed out in there for several hours. People would leave bags with junk or even purchases they’d made behind. So what I wonder about is, how did the partner manage to not recognize that the device was only a rusted out flashlight?

It seems to me that the homeless guy must have left something behind that at least looked suspicious or it would have been tossed into the trash without the police being called.

Comment by ExSFBarista 01.14.06 @ 9:38 am

ExSFBarista -

I’m guessing the flashlight didn’t have a light. Or that it was placed on the floor with light facing down, and the worker didn’t want to touch it.

A rusted flashlight without the light visible would resemble a pipe bomb.

Comment by Eric Jaffa 01.14.06 @ 10:11 am

Let’s not forget how she was all in a tussy claiming that the “talking points memo” advising the GOP of ways they might effectively exploit the Terri Schiavo case for political gain was a democratic forgery aided by the MSM until, oops, it turned out to be EXACTlY THAT, a shameless strategy memo on how to do a political jig on top of a comatose woman’s body. Ooops.


“I suspect that no one at the Post or ABC News still believes the amateurish, unsigned, misspelled memo was circulated by Republican Party leaders. We may never know whether the memo was the handywork of a Republican staffer or a Democrat dirty trickster or an outside interloper, but clearly there is absolutely no evidence that this was a Karl Rove plot. “
Anonymous | Email | Homepage | 01.16.06 - 9:10 am | #


Comment by trap 01.16.06 @ 9:07 am

While Malkin fed the hysteria, others saw through the Starbucks spin from day one. See both blogentry and comments:

Evolution of a bomb “scare”

Comment by Die for the Elite 01.16.06 @ 8:00 pm

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