February 21, 2006

More Media Concentration

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Tuesday January 24th 2006, 8:17 pm
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One Tuesday, two big announcements about media mergers.

The WB and UPN are joining to form one TV network, “the CW.”

Also announced today, “Disney buys Pixar: House of Mouse is teaming up with Pixar in a $7.4 billion deal. Steve Jobs to become board member at Disney.”

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“The CW”…. oh that is just RIPE for jokes!

“Welcome to the CW… where we don’t suck as much as we used to as two separate networks.”

“The CW… where GenY pretends to be like GenX and then wonders why they’re treated like posers.”

“The CW… because we couldn’t come up with a better name.”

“The CW… we make Fox look good!”

“The CW… please watch our shows. Please? Pretty please? Pretty, pretty please with sugar on top?”

“The CW… at least if we suck we can blame it on the name!”

“The CW… say it with a straight face! I dare you!”

Comment by David 2 01.25.06 @ 12:20 pm

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