March 3, 2006

Hoo-Boy! Rant-o-Rama Re: Prudishness

Posted by Amanda Toering
Friday March 11th 2005, 7:12 am
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Master of Vitriol Doug Thompson has a few things to say about SpongeBob, Margaret Spellings, and the sexual habits of the Bush Administration.

Start your engines.

These people are a blight that threatens any chance of an enlightened society, scabs of repression that must be picked if we are to have any chance for survival and progress. In a perfect right-wing world, gays would be committed to mental institutions, blacks would be sent back to Africa, books and movies would be subject to review and censorship before release and every woman would be a virgin before marriage (and that marriage could only be to a man).

They fantasize about conspiracies from all directions: the media, Hollywood, teachers and even within their own ranks. Everyone, they feel, is out to get them.

The conservative fruitcakes are correct about one thing: There is a massive threat to the future of this country. It is a spreading disease that threatens to devour everything that was once good about this nation, a rotting cancer that eats at the flesh of the body politic and may well turn America into a putrid, decaying corpse of a country.

And there’s more! Glad we’re on his side.

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