April 27, 2006

Japanese Artist Fined for Comic Porn

Posted by Amanda Toering
Thursday June 16th 2005, 1:13 pm
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Tokyo’s high court has upheld the obscenity conviction of manga artist Motonori Kishi. A lower court had sentenced Kishi to a year in jail, but the high court judge found that penalty too harsh and fined him 1.5m yen instead.

Presiding Justice Kenjiro Tao, while finding the comic book obscene, said the content was not as explicit as photographs and that “a prison term is too severe,” according to Jiji Press.

The case is the first in 20 years to focus on pornography in Japan and no case before had dealt with manga, the popular comic books that often feature lurid sexual themes, Kyodo News said.

While sexually explicit books and magazines are easily available in Japan, a lower court last year found the manga “Misshitsu,” which means “Honey Room,” to be obscene, saying the drawings were too lifelike and did not hide genitalia.

From the Hindustan Times.

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