March 4, 2006

Are You Too Dumb to Work Your V-Chip?

Posted by Amanda Toering
Thursday July 14th 2005, 10:21 am
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Brent Bozell says, pretty much, yeah, you are.

“Exposed,” a new public service announcement produced by the TV Watch coalition, asks if you think you’re smart enough to figure out your V-Chip. (Hint: You’re supposed to say yes.) Bozell thinks you're dumbThe video then cuts to a clip of Bozell implying that, in fact, you’re just too dumb, and that’s why our culture’s going down the tubes. Really. It’s all your fault.

TV Watch asserts that politically motivated special interest groups like the Parents Television Council “want the government to program your TV… their way.”

It’s a good point.

Although 8 out of 10 people surveyed want the government to stay out of television programming, groups like the PTC want to turn the FCC into America’s censorship board.

We can’t let that happen.

Sure, there’s a lot of useless crap on TV. Even the most liberal among us wouldn’t disagree that a lot of television content, frankly, sucks. But we have a right to watch it.

Broadcasters aren’t stupid, and they aren’t depraved. They’re greedy, that’s all. They wouldn’t show crap if we didn’t secretly want to watch crap. They’ve got us pegged.

Now, should we protect our children from adult-oriented crap? Yes! Absolutely! And that’s where you and your not-too-dumb-to-operate-a-V-chip IQ come in.

If you’ve got kids at home and are worried about what they’re watching, give that old V-chip a try. (Yes, you most likely have one, even if you didn’t know it.) Don’t know how? TV Watch has put together a Parent’s Tool Kit to help you.

And if you don’t believe me, take 51 seconds out of your day to watch “Exposed,” the TV Watch video (Windows Media file).

Bozell’s cameo will convince you.

And yes, SpeakSpeak is a (somewhat inconsequential) member of the TV Watch coalition. No, they don’t pay us. Yes, we agree with them. No, we are not shilling the video at their request. Watch it. You’ll want to shill for them too.

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I’m a 58 yr old widow of a Marine who served this country proudly, but at my age I think I can make-up my own mind about what I want to watch on TV. some of the “REALITY show are much more iditoic than the Charmed Ones, get your head on right.

Comment by Anne Marriner 07.14.05 @ 9:52 pm

There are so many ways to protect your kids on your own without demanding that the government do it for you, chief amongst them is sitting down and watching with them. The other tools are there too. My TV not only has the V-Chip (although it doesn’t work on shows from Canadian stations - they use a different ratings system) but also the ability to block specific stations. My digital cable box has the ability to block not only stations but shows. It’s up to the parents to use them, not to demand censorship while not bothering to learn how to use them.

Comment by Brent McKee 07.15.05 @ 12:15 pm

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