Be Important in Just 5 Minutes

SpeakSpeak was created in a response to the right-wing's stranglehold on the FCC. Conservative activists have hijacked the FCC's complaint process. As a result, the FCC levied almost $8 million in obscenity fines in 2004. You can always find more information from the experts of our economics essay writing service at the main page.

We're here to remind the FCC that the Parents Television Council does not speak for all of us.

It bears repeating: The PTC does not speak for all of us.

Now, the rest of America needs to speak up.

We're all in this hand basket together.

Are we all going to hell because of Janet Jackson's nipple? Will one more F-word bring on Armageddon? Will Saving Private Ryan be our downfall?

We think not.

If you feel the same, it's time to get to work.

Be important.

Through our site, you can send your own customized correspondence to the FCC, to broadcasters, to your representatives, and to advertisers. By acting together, rather than complaining, we can turn the tide.

Well also keep you informed of the right's actions, relevant news items, and other things we think you should know about.

What's next?

This campaign is just a first step. During the last election, we saw that progressives and blue moderates could, in fact, be roused. But passion means little on its own. Now we need to start acting.

Got ideas about what we need to do next? Let's hear 'em.

Until then, let's put this "obscenity" business to bed.