Write your Senators

Tell your Senators to vote against the Broadcast Indecency Enforcement Act. The House version of the bill would raise indecency fines to $500,000 per incident, and it would allow the FCC to impose fines against networks, their affiliates, and individual entertainers. The best writing services regularly publish updates on the situation, including not only Senators' statements, but common people's as well.

The Senate version of the bill would raise fines to $325,000 and would cap the fines at $3 million.

The President has said that he will sign an indecency enforcement bill, should one make it to his desk. Please help see that neither bill makes it out of the Senate. Ask your Senators to vote against the indecency enforcement bills.

If you choose not to write your own letter, you can copy and paste the one below. When you enter your zip code into the "Contact Congress" form, you will be taken off site and will be asked for additional information. Please note that some senators will ask you to resubmit your letter from their own website. Please do it -- it only takes a second, and it has an added impact.




Please do your part to help end these so-called culture wars by voting against the Broadcast Indecency Enforcement Act.

Through a very impressive campaign of mobilization, groups like the Parents Television Council, the American Family Association, and Focus on the Family have hijacked the discussion regarding broadcast indecency.

I am a member of SpeakSpeak.org. We are fighting these groups attempts to co-opt political discourse. The truth is that Americans like me - your constituents - do not have a chicken-little attitude about the nature of broadcast television. We are in full control of our remotes. If we see something we don't like, we change the channel or turn the TV off.

Furthermore, the vast majority of incidents that elicit complaints from these groups do not meet the FCC's standards for obscenity. Raising the indecency fines by legislative actions is a right-wing political ploy to convince Americans that the sky is falling.

It is not.

This has gone too far.

Please vote against the Broadcast Indecency Enforcement Act.