December 26, 2005

‘South Park’ and Hurricane Katrina

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Friday October 21st 2005, 7:25 am
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“South Park” is cartoon on the Comedy Central cable channel.

It’s ninth season premier was on Wednesday night, titled “Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow.”

Two boys, Stan and Cartman, ram a motor-boat into a beaver dam, and cause the town of Beaverton to be flooded. People wait on the roofs for help (a reference to New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.)

However, people blame George W. Bush for the situation in Beaverton.

Then they blame terrorists and global warming, when it was the boys in the motor-boat who did it.

The cartoon is so well-done, it makes blaming George W. Bush for the situation in New Orleans seem ridiculous.

But is it?

From Wednesday’s New York Times:

Budget cuts have cost the Army Corps of Engineers crucial scientific expertise that might have helped it to prevent levee failures in New Orleans and to do a better job restoring the city’s battered flood protection system, members of a panel of prominent outside experts said.

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