February 21, 2006

The Rotten Reporting of Jake Tapper

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Saturday January 28th 2006, 8:11 pm
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Jake Tapper is a reporter for ABC News’ “Nightline.”

On the January 24, 2006 broadcast he implied that liberals oppose Samuel Alito because he’s Catholic.

Jake Tapper said, “It tends not to be something people make an issue out of, at least publicly. But some liberals do have some concerns about such a Catholic court.”

Only a rotten reporter would slime millions of Americans that way.

As Media Matters for America notes, “the report quotes no identifiable liberals or Democrats expressing this view.”

I’m a liberal. If Mario Cuomo, who is Catholic, had been nominated to the Supreme Court by Bush, I’d be all in favor of Cuomo’s confirmation. For president in 2004, I voted for John Kerry, who is Catholic.

I’m against Samuel Alito because of his record.

A good reporter names names. A rotten reporter just uses phrases like “some liberals.”

If you don’t like the “some liberals” smear, please contact “Nightline:”
[email protected]

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