February 21, 2006

Watch “Larry King” Monday Night

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Sunday January 29th 2006, 6:14 pm
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Randi Rhodes is a liberal radio host on Air America.

Dennis Prager is a conservative radio host.

They will be tangling on “Larry King Live” tomorrow.

From a mass email from Air America Radio:

Monday night at 9, Randi Rhodes will be on CNN’s Larry King Live! She’ll be participating in a panel discussion along with Jim Hightower and Dennis Prager discussing Alito, the upcoming State of the Union Address and more. Watch Larry King Live on CNN at 9pm EST.

You can watch a clip of the last time Randi Rhodes went up against a conservative at Crooks and Liars (it shows Rhodes vs. conservative radio host Janet Parshall on C-Span in October 2005.)

« Post-Show Update Monday Night »

Randi Rhodes, Jim Hightower, and Dennis Prager weren’t on after all.

Apparently, the “Larry King Live” producers had a change of plan.

Instead, Larry King discussed Jill Carroll and Bob Woodruff.

Guests included Bob Schieffer, Peter Arnett, Christiane Amanpour, and others. The guests agreed that reporters should get close to wartime stories in spite of the danger.

Bob Schieffer said that in a tyranny, there is only one version of events reported: the government version. But in a democracy, reporters need to go out and get another version of events.

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Forget about these two political pundits, i want to see a debate between Eric Jaffa and Heisler “The Wise Man”.

Comment by Adán 01.30.06 @ 5:40 pm

Adán -

Who is Heisler “The Wise Man”?

Comment by Eric Jaffa 01.30.06 @ 5:43 pm

Oops maybe i spelled his name wrong he is the guy from Moveleft

Comment by Adán 01.30.06 @ 5:45 pm

Eric, on your Moveleft.com website “Heisler” posted this comment in regards to your anti-Christian comments. Maybe this will help job your memory.

As a Jewish American, whose grandparents suffered through the worst crime against humanity, the Holocaust, I must say your comment rings quite true. As early as the 1920’s, the news media in Germany was printing cartoons depicting Jews as big nosed, cheap and dishonest people. Very few people fought against these sterotypes, and it became typical for Jewish people to be thought of this way including my grandparents. As the years went on and Germans became more tolerant of the discrimination of these people. The news media began to publish negative articles about Jews day after day with very little protest from mainstream Germans.(Similar to what you see about Christians, in mainstream media in America). Teachers in Germany’s schools began teaching only negative things about the Jewish religion and people. (Similar to what many Liberal school teachers do now with Christianity). Soon signs that said “Jews not wanted” and “Jews not welcome” began showing up everywhere. Soon after that the Holocaust began and six million Jews were killed.

The Holcaust began with little negative cartoons and comments in the newspaper, and when a few couragous jewish people protested, saying this was wrong, the newspaper’s response was very similar to Erik Weinberger’s comment on blog #2.

The scary thing about people like Erik is they don’t realize their bigits,they think that since everyone else in the news media is making fun of Christians(just like in Germany in the 1920’s when everyone was making fun of Jews)that its ok, to disrepect a person for their beliefs.

Erik, shame on you for your intolerance against these people!!

Comment above by Heisler, December 30, 2005 1:19 AM

Comment by Adán 01.30.06 @ 5:56 pm

Wasted an hour watching anything BUT that on Larry King. Big disappointment.

Comment by David 2 01.30.06 @ 7:03 pm

Adán -

Criticizing protesters for the content of their protest (claiming Wal-Mart should promote Christmas in its ads) isn’t the same as being a Nazi.

Comment by Eric Jaffa 01.30.06 @ 7:16 pm

David 2 -

I just spent an hour the same way.

I had gotten an email from Air America Radio saying Randi Rhodes would be on.

Apparently, the producers of “Larry King Live” decided on a completely different guest list after inviting her.

I updated the article above.

Comment by Eric Jaffa 01.30.06 @ 7:17 pm

And CNN told Neal Boortz the same thing…


At the very least King should have appologized for wasting our time.

Comment by David 2 01.30.06 @ 8:31 pm

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