February 21, 2006

Wendy Wilde Has Left “Air America Minnesota”

Posted by Eric Jaffa
Sunday January 29th 2006, 6:54 pm
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Wendy Wilde smiling.

I’m in Minnesota.

The local affiliate of Air America Radio is Air America Minnesota.

Talk-show host Wendy Wilde was with the local station since the early days, talking about Minnesota issues. She did her last show last week.

From wendywilde.com:

So that misinformation doesn’t go around, I want to tell you why I decided to leave the show to look for other opportunities. The studios are located in a mold-infested basement, and management had a construction crew tear out the moldy basement walls and carpet, but that actually threw mold spores into the air and the mold dust is everywhere. Hepa filters helped some but I continue to get sick.

For the first 8 months my office was in the same moldy basement so I was spending 8-9 hours a day in the moldy air, and I have developed an extreme allergic reaction to mold. Management had the grounds graded to try and stop the frequent basement flooding, and since September when the basement walls and moldy carpet were removed, it actually got worse for me. I have been on numerous courses of antibiotics for sinus infections, and working with blinding headaches and other symptoms. When I am away from the basement studios I gradually get better again with a lot of bedrest. That is no life, and my family misses my company and attention. I was willing to broadcast from an upstairs office or even from home, but I was no longer willing to work sick. I offered my resignation over the holidays, and was asked to wait, but when I got sick again this week I realized my health needed to come first, and resigned.

I plan to seek other opportunities as soon as I recuperate a little, and may return to radio, or explore podcasting, or maybe satellite radio options. I have begun writing a book about my experiences with this startup radio station as well.

They should have made arrangements for her to broadcast from a different building.

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Didn’t realize the appropriate response to someone working for airamericaminnesota was “Thanks for your service.”

It’s a shame not to have local coverage because Wendy demonstrated very well that there is plenty to discuss about Minnesota politics. And I’ve already been saying that if it wasn’t for Wendy, I could just as well stream New York so this is very unfortunate.

Comment by sm christenson 02.06.06 @ 4:50 am

Just another failed Liberal who could not cut it. I hope you come back soon to help the Democrat Party destroy themselves even more!

Comment by Uwe Putin 02.09.06 @ 11:04 am

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