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Moms Debate Decency

Filed under by Amanda Toering — 03/05/2005 @ 10:05 am

Two Dallas moms discuss parenting in the age of indecency in the Dallas Morning News. They give a good synopsis of both sides of the argument.

Gail: I agree with the president [who stated that parents ought to control TV], and I remain optimistic that more parents will curb the role of television in their children’s lives. As a conservative, I’m an advocate of limited government, especially in areas such as media consumption, where we are free to make our own choices. Parents, in aggregate, can wield tremendous influence in the marketplace if we refuse to indiscriminately accept everything the media offer to our children.

Ellen: By the president’s logic, if we don’t like air pollution, should we just stop breathing? The media create an environment, and we can’t raise our children in a bubble. Placing all the responsibility on families and none on large media conglomerates is like sending David out with pebbles to fight Goliath on steroids.

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