Bozell Bangs Same Ol’ Drum, Part 2

Filed under  by Amanda Toering — 03/29/2005 @ 8:05 am

In a Christian Science Monitor op-ed, Parents Television Council prez Brent Bozell restates his case. Man, he is really proud of that Time Magazine article.

Bozell points out, again, that Hollywood is “out of touch” with most Americans. This is, of course, a stark change from Hollywood’s Golden Era. Back then, when Cary Grant wore a tuxedo to breakfast and every Katherine Hepburn character lived in a New York penthouse apartment, Hollywood was very definitely in-touch.

And think back to the innocuous sitcom years, the years that Bozell seems to want to want to revisit in the wayback machine. Jeannie and Major Nelson? A little slice of America wrapped up in a 20″ box. Green Acres and the Beverly Hillbillies? Why, all Americans have a little corn pone in their souls. And what about The Flying Nun? Now that was wholesome, realistic entertainment. Hollywood sure was in touch back then.

Note to Bozell: Hollywood makes a business of staying in touch. Hollywood exists, in fact, to make a business. If 30 million people didn’t watch CSI every week, CBS would re-tool the series and make it more Highway to Heaven-ish.

There’s a reason that Desperate Housewives is currently the most-watched show. That reason is not that American women are seeking instruction on how to release their inner slut. The reason is that we like to be entertained. We like to take our mind off our own dreary lives and – if only for an hour – immerse ourselves in a life we probably will never lead. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Bozell, Hollywood is not out of touch. You are.

Ahem. Anyhow, read Bozell’s piece in the CSM.

Hollywood, do you hear America griping?

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  1. Amen!

    Comment by Frank — 3/29/2005 @ 8:29 am

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