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California Columnist: I Love TV, and I’m Proud

Filed under  by Amanda Toering — 04/29/2005 @ 9:54 am

Modesto Bee TV columnist Marijke Rowland proudly admits her fondness for TV.

I’ve watched TV all my life. I watched it as a child. I watched it in high school. I watched tons of it in college. I watch it now, as a working professional.

I plan to keep watching it until they implant a receptor chip in my head, and then I’ll just dial my brain over to catch new episodes of “CSI: Mars.”

I love television. There, I said it. Heck, I own four of them.

It makes me happy, most of the time. I can’t say I don’t grumble at it. And I can’t say that my mind doesn’t go numb at times when, say, watching Verne “Mini Me” Troyer find new and unusual places to pee on the “Surreal Life.”

But just because I watch and enjoy television doesn’t make me less in touch with my loved ones. It doesn’t make me less interested in the world. And it certainly doesn’t make me less intelligent. They are not mutually exclusive.

Television has become the favorite whipping boy of cultural watchdogs who say it leads to violence, obesity and overt sexuality.

But that argument leads us right back to the old chicken and the egg dilemma. Did TV make us how we are today, or did how we are make TV what it is today?

Turn off the what? Modesto Bee


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