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Toronto Cable Provider Decides Against Free Porn Weekend

Filed under  by Amanda Toering — 04/29/2005 @ 10:11 am

A Toronto cable company had planned to offer free porn previews to its subscribers this weekend, which it has done in the past without incident. After a Toronto Globe and Mail article detailing the plan, however, the cable company has changed its mind.

Rogers Cable developed the 54-hour promo in an effort to boost subscriptions to its three hard-core pay channels. Subscribers were to have free access to the pay channels over the weekend, although that access would have been restricted by channel lock feature and would have required a PIN.

Rogers’ cable boxes are programmed with a default PIN (0000) and the company began to worry that many subscribers had not entered their own – thus potentially allowing children to access the hardcore fare.

In a literal and figurative butt-covering, the company canceled free porn weekend.

Rogers Cable to Offer Free Porn (Toronto Globe and Mail, April 28)
Rogers cancels free porn-channels preview (Toronto Globe and Mail, April 29)


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