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Filed under  by Amanda Toering — 04/29/2005 @ 10:37 am

From Agape Press: “Many Agree: Bible is Not Just a Good Book – It’s a Good Education.”

Much to the chagrin of groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and People for the American Way, Bible curriculum classes are being taught in more than a thousand public high schools across the United States….

Some school districts are frightened off by the specter of lawsuits; nevertheless, Bible curriculum classes are now being taught in some 1,100 high schools in 300 school districts in 35 states across the nation – and this is going on during school hours, for credit, with the Bible as the textbook. That is because those 300 school districts are currently offering a course called “The Bible as History and Literature,” a course curriculum from the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools (NCBCPS).

Think that’s not a violation of the separation of church and state? Check out the URL in the preceding paragraph. Go on. Hover. Or bet yet, click it.


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