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We’ll Always Have Spamalot

Filed under  by Amanda Toering — 03/23/2005 @ 11:12 am

Racine Journal Times columnist Rachel Campbell points out that if TV and cable get sanitized, there’s always Broadway.

The Knights Who Say (Censored)

“MTV’s Explicit Spring Break Programming and What To Do About It”

Filed under  by Amanda Toering — 03/23/2005 @ 9:32 am

The Christian Post reminds parents that MTV’s spring break coverage, much like spring break itself, can be a bit raunchy. In an article titled “MTV’s Explicit Spring Break Programming and What To Do About It,” the Post offers predictions on what to expect, and lets parents know when the ruanchfest will begin.

However, they left out the part about “What To Do About It.”

Especially the part that says “Turn It Off.”

MTV’s Explicit Spring Break Programming and What To Do About It

NBC To Air “Faith-Based” Programming

Filed under  by Amanda Toering — 03/23/2005 @ 9:27 am

NBC is developing two programs with theological content. “Due to the popularity of such books as ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and the box office success of such movies as ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ there’s no denying the general public’s interest in the supernatural and the spiritual realms,” said Vince Manze, president and creative director of The NBC Agency.

“We felt what needed to be done is a television show that expressed itself as Christian,” said Gavin Polone, an executive producer of, and the driving force behind, “Revelations.” “We’re very clear about that here. The words ‘Jesus Christ’ or ‘Christ’ are used three times a minute.” In line with keeping the Christian faith authentic within the series the creators of “Revelations” say they took great pains with all the Biblical aspects of the series.

The shows and marketing efforts will be developed with the help of a theological consultant.

Note to PTC: Turn on, tune in, shut up.

From the Christian Post.

News Flash: Most Americans Have Common Sense

Filed under  by Amanda Toering — 03/23/2005 @ 9:17 am

Regardless of what certain activist groups would have you believe, Americans DO NOT support a ban on television content that some groups might find icky.

The poll numbers, like all poll numbers, can be spun. But look at the stats.

Q: Should the government ban the following type of program content, or not?

Cursing and sexual language
Yes: 41%
No: 56%

Explicit sexual content, such as nudity
Yes: 41%
No: 56%

Yes: 36%
No: 62%

Gay lifestyles and homosexuality
Yes: 35%
No: 62%

Drug and alcohol abuse
Yes: 33%
No: 62%

Plastic surgery for entertainment purposes
Yes: 21%
No: 72%

So-called “reality television”
Yes: 18%
No: 78%

From Angus Reid Consultants.

PBS Struggles with Era of Fear and Censorship

Filed under  by Amanda Toering — 03/23/2005 @ 9:12 am

Fox News has a report – several weeks late, but anyway – about PBS’s struggle to deal with the fear and loathing of the Right.

PBS Shoots for Strength in Face of FCC Scrutiny

Same Shit, Different Country, continued

Filed under  by Amanda Toering — 03/23/2005 @ 9:03 am

Russian conservatives are fighting to prevent the production of an opera at the Bolshoi. The convervatives have not reviewed the libretto of the opera, “Rosenthal’s Children,” but they object to a novel written by the opera’s composer.

Composer Vladimir Sorokin’s novel “Blue Lard” (1999) featured sex scenes starring the clones of Khrushchev and Stalin. Conservatives have made the logical leap that the opera – featuring clones of famous composers – is therefore unfit for the Bolshoi.

“It is offensive. Five great composers are presented as tramps … they play music in underground passageways … they drink vodka. The 16-year-old Mozart is befriending prostitutes,” Russian parliamentarian Sergei Neverov told Reuters.

“The Bolshoi theater is a symbol of Russia – these symbols of Russia should not be defiled by such productions.”

The composer had this to say: “In Russia there are forces that want to return to the past … where culture was like a castrated cat.”

From Reuters.

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