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Egypt Bans Racy Music Videos

Filed under by Amanda Toering — 03/31/2005 @ 6:46 am

In a parallel to the Parents Television Council’s attack on MTV’s juvenile taste, Egypt has initiated its own crack down on music videos.

The state censorship committee has banned “music videos that featured sexual connotations and females barely dressed, stressing that that even the words sung by the singers held no meaning and were basically gibberish. The committee refused requests by producers to eliminate some of the inappropriate scenes and allow the clips to be aired, stressing that if singers wanted their songs aired they must reproduce the entire clip in a suitable matter fit to be aired and watched.”

When it happens in Egypt, it’s “repression.” When it happens here, it’s “family values.”

In Al Bawaba.

Toledo Professor Addresses Censorship in Film

Filed under by Amanda Toering — 03/31/2005 @ 6:41 am

University of Toledo professor Tammy Kinsey has developed an academic look at the history of film censorship.

Ms. Kinsey only teaches [the class] every other year (this semester, about 20 students, mostly film majors, are enrolled), and she’s discovered, she said, that the only way to discuss honestly what can’t be shown and what can’t be said is to say it and to show it — and then discuss it.

“I shock them in ways they wouldn’t even imagine, I think.”

In the Toldeo Blade.

TownHall: Does the First Amendment Protect Expression We Hate?

Filed under by Amanda Toering — 03/31/2005 @ 6:33 am

Today’s “activist judge alert” comes from TownHall.com.

“Does the U.S. Constitution really protect the distribution of graphic—even hard-core pornographic—videos depicting rape and murder? Unfortunately, a U.S. District Court judge in Pittsburgh seems to think so.”

Where is that in the Constitution?

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